Our Story

SignalBoost.xyz is a Nashville-based digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and Digital Advertising. Our main goal is to increase traffic and conversions for businesses like yours.

Building strong relationships with several other key figures in the industry and in the city we have learned the best tricks to create the stunning and market-tilting websites we do. SignalBoost.xyz is now leading amongst other emerging marketing platforms in Nashville, TN. Our affinity for pixel-precision motivates us with a passion to deliver only high-quality sites. As we grow, we continue to hire top performers that can help our vision be better and more aligned with our clients’ needs.

Our Work

We Do Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most competitive fields of digital marketing at the close of the decade. The ability to position yourself or your brand amongst the top leading results on Google is dependent on a set of trust factors. We have learned how to use the most accurate enterprise analytics software to successfully drive our customers to the highest rankings. Our SEO process usually starts by analyzing a website using a variety of different tools. All of this data is compiled together to determine the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Implementations are suggested which are carried out within the weak. After that, we have an optimized website. That’s the best starting point to begin writing content for a site. We either write content for our clients or look after the content they’ve made, making SEO-friendly suggestions along the way. After that, the more content you build on your website, the higher you’ll see it start ranking.

We Build and Fix WordPress Websites

Our team of web developers specializes in WordPress sites for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it is the safest way to have a website. As long as the responsible software is kept updated, malware attacks are highly uncommon and your website will be at a lower risk because of it. Secondly, they are all fully responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile, giving our clients an upper-hand on what’s now more than 50% of the entire internet’s web-searches. Not only are our sites pretty, but they are designed with two more concepts in mind: client-conversion, and SEO. We make websites that are marketable, and sites that help with marketing. You’ll find tools such as contact forms, pop-ups, and appointment scheduling in our themes to flexibly select how to target your audiences.

Our Team

Meet the people working to make all of this possible.

Sebastián Alegre
Sebastián AlegreCEO, Founder & Developer
Sebastián is a programmer and web developer with more than ten years of experience. His expertise allows us to offer premium web services that are both robust and beautiful.
Sarah Turner
Sarah TurnerSocial Media Manager
Within the realm of audiovisual communications, Sarah specializes in audio, video, and foto editing. Her innate ability to create eye-catching design is something she takes pride in.

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