Project Description


RTM decided to tackle 2018 by transforming their online presence. There was a strong need for this as RTM’s website was built in 2008 and had only had minor updates to content but no major changes grafically. Key problems they were having gyrated around a lack of synergy in their online strategy. Mainly, consultants were writing blog posts without any communication between them and the company.  RTM’s social media was in its infancy.


We gathered all of RTM’s website pages and to see what elements we could bring together and which to separate. The aim at this stage was to properly identify the most effective stucture to meet the company’s goals. This consisted of a lot of wireframing and planning.


At SignalBoost all of our mockups are programatically functional in order to accelerate production time and cut costs. RTM appreciated this approach as it allowed us to change small design aspects dynamically. In this fashion we got the site ready in three weeks; asking for our client’s input whenever possible.

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The Process

The Process of Developing their Website Consisted of Four Stages

RTM Page Screen On Top Of Desk


These are some examples of the work done.

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