Project Description


CBDKitchen+Bar had no website or logo at the time of our first meeting. Their social media was lacking conceptually also. Additionally, they wanted our help identifying what will their average user would look like for the website and their Instagram page. This all meant a big challenge, but also a big amount of flexibility in what we could do, opening up the window of opportunity for creativity to flow.


When CBDK+B reached out to us, we first wanted to know who we were working with. The first thing we did was write down all of the characteristics that they would use to define their brand. Additionally, we asked them if they already had mockups to base the design off of and what colors they had chosen for their branding. This case was particularly rigorous because none of that was established then. Therefore we built a relationship where we could share each other’s ideas of what the website should be and then we got to work.

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These are some examples of the work done.

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